Product Usage Agreement:

Please read this carefully before using or installing our fonts. The copyright of all files in the download package, in the form of images, font software, and their descriptions, belongs to MJB Letters Studio protected by the law of the State of the Republic of Indonesia, extending to the international level. If you are a user who wants to use our fonts without commercial license, please read the paragraph below. However, if you already have a commercial license, please read the EULA page.

Downloading, unpacking, receiving, and installing our product files means the user agrees with the contents of the following paragraph. If you do not agree with the contents of the paragraph, do not install and use them.

  1. User must not resell, share, and distribute the product files to other people or other computer, or upload them on the internet in any way.
  2. User must not use the fonts for taking profits, for both individuals and groups.
  3. User must not imitate and edit the products.
  4. User must explain truthfully if there is an error in license abuse.
  5. All forms of license abuse will result in penalty according to the calculation of Din Studio.

If you plan to use our fonts for commercial purpose without a license, please rethink the consequences of it. We do not tolerate any form of excuses and ignorance of the user when there is an error in the use of the license. We have included all the explanations in the download documents in PDF and txt formats.

For further information about the use of our fonts, kindly contact us through e mail

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